Our Classes

The Experience

It's time...to #SwitchOn

Descend below the chaos of the outer world to ‘The Machine Room’ and unite with other Rowbots for 50 minutes of intense mental and physical strengthening. We unite those who have chosen to test their inner strength and who have a will to discover who they can really be.

If you can’t make it into The Machine Room, #SwitchOn from your living room with ROWBOTS@HOME!

The Science

The coding of the ROWBOTS system

Our classes offer 50 minutes of maximum intensity training, with split intervals between the floor and the rower and are obsessively calibrated for maximum results/time effectiveness.

The workout to challenge all workouts. A redefining mental and physical test burning up to 800 calories, working 85% of muscles, improving posture and all with minimum stress on joints.

800 Calories

Expect to leave The Machine Room sweating… a lot

Maximum Effect

Every major muscle group worked – best results for abs, ass and legs

Better Posture

Lengthen the body and improve posture

Minimum Impact

No pounding a tread, your knees and joints will be thanking you

Mind + Body

Mental conditioning to empower

Steeped In Science

Don’t just take our word for it

Our Classes
Cardio focus

Monday’s at ROWBOTS are full-body-focused and are designed to develop your cardiovascular fitness. Our RESET class will have you pushing to the limit as you alternate between the rower and the floor. Our trainers will empower you to break those mental and physical barriers leaving you buzzing with self-belief and confidence!

RESET elicits anxieties by challenging limited belief systems and low self-esteem. This is the perfect class for anyone looking to RESET after a confidence knock, overcome failure, start the week well or looking to discover their true strength and resilience.

Strength focus

Tuesday’s at ROWBOTS are upper-body-focused and are designed to increase your power and strength. Our trainers will take you through shorter, power-based intervals on the rower alongside strength and explosive work on the floor.

Our ACTION class instills a growth mindset, lifts your mood, enhances motivation and empowers you to tackle the task at hand. This class will teach you how to focus on action over results and embrace the mental clarity that comes from enjoying the process and the journey rather than judging yourself for your current situation.

Cardio focus

Wednesday’s at ROWBOTS are full-body-focused and are designed to increase your aerobic fitness.

STAMINA is programmed to help you become comfortable being uncomfortable. Our trainers will condition you to tolerate discomfort and empower you to immerse yourself in the task at hand.

Change and results never come without discipline and persistence. STAMINA is the class for anyone who suffers from distraction and needs to practice focus and build a tolerance for discomfort. It helps to relieve stress and process difficult feelings by focusing on using your strengths rather than your limitations.

It’s our ultimate test of endurance.

Strength focus

Thursday’s at ROWBOTS are lower-body-focused and are designed to increase your power and strength.

Our trainers will take you through anaerobic-based rowing intervals alongside strength-based movements on the floor. With a focus on efficient energy distribution, this class is all about training smart and understanding when to hold back and when to push both in and outside of The Machine Room.

Our ENERGY class helps to reduce negative self-talk and improve self-compassion by helping you to differentiate between ego and energy. This class will help you to manage your energy reserves and work more efficiently. It’s ideal for anyone who struggles with time management, productivity or balancing energy.

Cardio focus

Our FREESTYLE class is a mixture of all the psychological themes, allowing you to take what you need and leave what doesn’t align with you on the day.

Friday’s at ROWBOTS are full-body-focused and are all about expecting the unexpected. With no set format or energy-system targeted in the same way each week, our coaches will surprise you with the programming in order to empower you with confidence when approaching uncertainty.

Signature class

Our signature #SwitchOn class encourages you to let loose and feel free, reducing self-doubt and motivating you to have some fun!

Saturday’s at ROWBOTS are full-body-focused, combining strength and cardio with varied rowing interval lengths to get you to #SwitchOn and leave feeling confident and energised.


Sunday’s at ROWBOTS combine full body strength work with slow, controlled and powerful technique on the rower. Expect functional movements and dynamic mobility flows, leaving the body feeling refreshed and RECHARGED.

RECHARGE helps to reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, whilst helping to regulate sleep patterns and avoid burn-out.

Release the challenges of last week, recover and RECHARGE for the week ahead.

Conditioning focus

CAPACITY is our conditioning class concept providing you with the tools needed to continue to develop an even stronger #MachineMindset.

With the addition of the Assault Bike and the SkiErg, CAPACITY is a dynamic full body class, programmed to push you to the max and help build your cardio and overall aerobic capacity.

Expect to move fast, breathe heavy and challenge your aerobic capacity, offering the ultimate mixed modality workout. From start to finish, the class will test your ability to hold on, to dig deep and to prove to yourself that your capacity to keep going is far greater than you could have ever imagined.

Outside of The Machine Room, the class will help you build your mental and physical capacity enabling you to keep going when faced with challenges, obstacles and unexpected events. It will help you develop a stronger growth mindset, where your abilities and performance can be enhanced through dedication, accountability and hard work.