Our Classes

The Experience


Descend below the chaos of the outer world to ‘The Machine Room’ and unite with other Rowbots for 45 minutes of intense mental and physical strengthening. We unite those who have chosen to test their inner strength and who have a will to discover who they can really be

The Science

The coding of the ROWBOTS system

Our classes offer 45 minutes of maximum intensity training, with split intervals between the floor and the rower and obsessively calibrated for maximum results/time effectiveness.

The workout to challenge all workouts. A redefining mental and physical test burning up to 800 calories, working 85% of muscles, improving posture and all with minimum stress on joints

800 Calories

Expect to leave The Machine Room sweating… a lot

Maximum Effect

Every major muscle group worked – best results for abs, ass and legs

Better Posture

Lengthen the body and improve posture

Minimum Impact

No pounding a tread, your knees and joints will be thanking you

Mind + Body

Mental conditioning to empower

Steeped In Science

Don’t just take our word for it

Our Classes
Endurance (cardio focus)

Our Reset class is a cardio-focused, full body class designed
to Reset your system. 6 minute rower/floor intervals will have you gritting your teeth and questioning your capacity but our instructors will push you through and empower you to smash those mental and physical barriers leaving you buzzing with self belief and confidence. This is the perfect class for anyone looking to reset after a confidence knock, overcome failure, reset on a Monday or just discover their true strength and resilience

Power (strengthening focus)

Our Action class is a strength training class focused on the upper body. This class is all about taking action. Instructors will take you through 5 minute rower/floor intervals with goal setting challenges that will drive you to take action without question, release self doubt and plant yourself firmly in the present moment. This class will teach you how to focus on action over results and embrace the mental clarity that comes from enjoying the process and the journey rather than judging yourself for your current situation to date. It’s time to take Action

Endurance (cardio focus)

Our Stamina class is a cardio-focused, full body class
designed to tune your persistence for results. These 6 minute rower/floor intervals are engineered to build extreme focus. You’re going to get seriously uncomfortable but our instructors will drive you to tolerate pain and suffering and immerse yourself in the task at hand. Change and results rarely come without discipline and persistence. This is the workout for anyone who suffers from distraction and needs to practice focus and a tolerance for discomfort. It’s our ultimate test of endurance

Power (strengthening focus)

Our Energy class is a strength training class focused on the lower body to build awareness of energy consumption. Shorter 5 minute intervals will move you quickly between floor and rower but expect to be pushed to the extreme and challenged to find your peak strength whilst maintaining reserves for the following intervals. This is about training smart. This class will help you to manage your energy reserves and work more efficiently. It’s ideal for anyone who struggles with time management, productivity or balancing energy


Our Freestyle class is a full body class, focusing on what you can control, not what you cannot.
There are no set intervals, you will not know what to expect, but you can control your mindset and how you approach the uncertainty. You will need to be ready to find a solution and freestyle your way through an intense workout. Leaving you feeling alive and empowered having navigated a way through

Switch On
Freestyle (signature class)

Our signature #SwitchOn class is a freestyle, full body class combining strength and cardio with varied interval lengths designed as an all-round workout for mind and body to get you to #SwitchOn and leave confident and energised


Our signature Recharge class is held on a Sunday and combines our freestyle #SwitchOn class approach with 15 minutes of yoga flow for recovery. Release the challenges of last week and recharge for the week ahead