Introducing Train like a Rowbot.


ROWBOTS Online Programming – created by Rowbots, for Rowbots, in the ROWBOTS way.


If you’re looking to upgrade your training structure, consistency, focus and overall progression – we’ve got you covered!

Train like a Rowbot is all about results. Our inaugural 6-week full body strength & conditioning programme will not only transform your body, but also provide you with the necessary tools to facilitate the construction of a powerful mindset in all areas of your life.

With three structured full body strength and conditioning workouts per week and one guided run, we will have you building your total body strength and cardiovascular fitness with trackable progression.

All of your sessions are delivered clearly and concisely through a free to download App, with exercise demonstration videos and workout notes to ensure that you are never lost in the gym again! The programme can be revisited again and again upon completion – aim to lift heavier and push harder!

The Full Body Strength & Conditioning 6-week programme includes: 

  • 3x 60 minute strength workouts per week, including structured warm ups and mobility blocks
  • 1x guided run per week
  • Monitor and document your weights, your progression and your wins each week via the App
  • Optional conditioning block at the end of every workout


Train like a Rowbot – Full Body Strength & Conditioning 6-week programme costs: £49 (one-off cost).


How do I purchase the programme?

  • Follow the Purchase Now link below
  • Purchase the programme
  • Download the Fitr App for clients and log in to access the programme