Mental Conditioning

Develop your #MachineMindset
Mental Conditioning

ROWBOTS is the first gym to lead with mental health conditioning

We have known for a long time that exercise can benefit mental health and we love that many gyms promote this message. At ROWBOTS, we have taken this one step further to deliver a specific and targeted approach to mental health conditioning.

The ROWBOTS workout combines psychological and physical elements, rather than simply sweating alongside motivational speak. This is something that has never been done before.

The System

The coding of the ROWBOTS system

We wanted to create a space and community that nurtures mental health and promotes healthy habits and behaviours that can be taken out of The Machine Room and implemented into your daily life.

Through observational studies, we have worked with top coaches, sports psychologists, psychotherapists and elite sportspeople to develop our class themes. Our effective psychological interventions are used to programme your mind and power your body.

Steeped in Science

Steeped in Science

When you exercise, your mind moves into a biochemical state that allows you to process and assimilate new information more easily

Exercise switches you on like nothing else. While your body is pushing, pulling, sweating and panting, your mind is firing and more open to new information.

Rowing uses up to 85% of you body, more than running and cycling

Rowing achieves the greatest and most effective metabolic after-burn. Due to the mind-body connection, the psychological potential to enhance your mindset and augment your mental health is greater than any other form of exercise.


Steeped in Science

Psychology informed classes

Through a combination of therapeutic techniques including REBT, CBT, NLP, Mindfulness, Goal Setting, Visualisation and Person-Centred Approaches, each theme targets the mind in subtle yet effective ways. You’ll also notice that the basic therapeutic values used by psychologists across the world are omnipresent in your ROWBOTS experience; compassion, acceptance, accountability, vulnerability, congruence and consistency.