Introducing ROWBOTS@HOME: On Demand

The Transformers are coming Home!

What’s Included?

6-week transformation programme

  • 2 x Daily Zoom classes
  • No equipment needed
  • Free class credit for when we’re back in the Machine Room
  • Access to Beeja Meditation x ROWBOTS portal with bespoke meditations
  • Coaching from your team captain via WhatsApp groups
  • Nutrition advice and routine guidance
  • 30% off HIIT Kitchen meal prep discount
  • Elite Performance Rehab, led by physio Tom Lowes (20% off one-on-one recovery consultations and virtual physio sessions)



  • Access to team WhatsApp group
  • Unlimited access to Zoom classes
  • Mon – Fri: 8:00am and 5:30pm
  • Sat-Sun: 10:30am
  • Sunday class to recover and RECHARGE

Cost £90

Descend below the chaos of the outer world to ‘The Machine Room’

45 minutes of full-intensity interval training, engineered to break mental and physical barriers and awaken your inner strength and resilience. We team powerful floor exercises with splits on the hardest but, by far, most effective machine in the gym; the rower


Maximum Effect

Every major muscle group worked – best results for abs, ass and legs

Minimum Impact

No pounding a tread, your knees and joints will be thanking you

Mind + Body

Mental conditioning to empower


Meet the ROWBOTS

Olympic gold medallists, global sports stars and physical and mental health professionals


"This is minimal impact, max results"

"For a truly inspiring and motivating workout class to give both your mind and body a much-needed boost"

6 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 8BB