The Complete Workout for your Body and Mind

Burn up to 800 calories during 50-minutes of high intensity, low impact mental and physical conditioning.

It’s time…to #SwitchOn 🦾🤖⚡️


Elevate your fitness journey with the powerhouse collaboration you didn’t know you needed!

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Descend below the chaos of the outer world to ‘The Machine Room’

50 minutes of full-intensity interval training, engineered to break mental and physical barriers and awaken your inner strength and resilience. We team powerful strength focused floor exercises with splits on the hardest but, by far, most effective machine in the gym; the rower.


Maximum Effect

Every major muscle group worked – best results for abs, ass and legs

Minimum Impact

No pounding a tread, your knees and joints will be thanking you

Mind + Body

Mental conditioning to empower


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Meet the Rowbots

Olympic gold medallists, global sports stars and physical and mental health professionals

"This is minimal impact, max results. And if it’s good enough for a world-class footballer…" - GQ

"For a truly inspiring and motivating workout class to give both your mind and body a much-needed boost" - Balance

"The ROWBOTS team, who have built classes around state-of-the-art rowers and floor exercises, have ensured motivational and mindful techniques are at the heart of the programme" - The Standard

"ROWBOTS is the fitness concept in Fitzrovia taking rowing to the next level.” - Hip and Healthy

"As a former rower, I found this studio was a perfect mix of erging and strength training. I love that they have a different theme for each day (upper, energy, lower, recharge, etc.) Pele's class will kill you, but you come out feeling like a new person. Highly recommend" - Emma Sutter, Rowbot

"Incredible, addictive workouts that absolutely put you through your paces and leave you feeling energised and positive." - Ashley Fripp, Rowbot.

"ROWBOTS is a new breed of gym that trains your muscles and your mind!" - The Daily Mail

"Never been to a gym that feels like family” - Anna Russel-Smith, Rowbot

“ROWBOTS has been recognised as one of the most innovative organisations in the fitness industry so we are delighted to work with them to continue to build our indoor rowing offering and grow our membership.” - British Rowing


ROWBOTS Fitzrovia
6 Great Titchfield Street London W1W 8BB